Jedward Share Message Sent To Caroline Flack Days Before Her Death

'Just know that you have loads of support and that everyone cares for you...'


Jedward have revealed the heartfelt message they sent to Caroline Flack just before she died last February.

The Irish twins crossed paths with Caroline multiple times due to their rise to fame on The X Factor, and reached out to her in the days before her death.

“Caroline knew she was loved,” they said, alongside a clip of the voicenote they sent to Caroline.

“Hey Caroline, just sending you loads of love and good vibes,” they began.

“I wanted to send you a message. Wherever you are in the world, you’re rocking it, always doing your thing. And just know that you have loads of support and that everyone cares for you and have a good night or if it’s the morning time…

“Anyway, it’s freezing in Ireland. Loads of good vibes and hopefully we will bump into you and have the laughs.”

Responding to their message, she said, “That’s so nice thank you. Hope you’re ok.”

This week – February 15th – marked the first anniversary of her passing.

A whole host of famous friends shared their condolences, admitting they miss her more and more with each passing month.

On her Radio 5 Show, Laura Whitmore said, “It doesn’t get any easier to comprehend, and sometimes when you can’t think of the right words to say, a song can feel more appropriate.”


Laura then revealed that she had asked Irish singer, Imelda May, to record a special version of “one of Caroline’s favourite songs” which was The Glory of Love.

Playing Imelda’s beautiful rendition live on air she continued; “This song, to anyone who knew Caroline very well, is ver special. Her family played it at her funeral last year.”

Dawn O’Porter also revealed she’s still struggling to come to terms with the loss, and the grief can be overwhelming at times.

“I keep trying to write about Caroline and how I feel but i just can’t find the words at the moment. A year later, and it’s still as raw,” she said.

“It’s good to talk about grief because no matter how alone it makes you feel, you are actually surrounded by a lot of people who have felt it too. If you dare to open up, it does help.”

Sharing a beautiful picture of her best friend, she added, “I miss you my love.”

You can read more of the tributes here.

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