Kim Kardashian Reveals There Was ONE Joke She Left Out Of SNL Appearance

Wait; that was her holding back?


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Kim Kardashian hosted the American skit show Saturday Night Live a couple of months ago, and the digs she took at her family were legendary. Seriously she even went so far as to call mum Kris’ boyfriend Corey a gold digger!

But it turns out she was actually holding back and pulled some jokes out.

During an interview with i-d, Kim revealed that she chose to leave out a joke about her sister Khloe and her baby daddy Tristan. She explained, “I had a really funny joke about Tristan and Khloé that I took out—I could’ve maybe gone further. ”

So that was Kim actually taking it easy, wow!


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As for how her family reacted to Kim’s monologue, it turns out they were all very supportive. “Everyone in the family was just like, ‘You can do whatever you want.’ Everyone was really easy and game for me to do whatever I wanted,” she revealed.

There was even some excitement about which family members would be mentioned.

“Everyone was like, ‘Use me. Do whatever you want. This is your time.’ They were down. That was super cool.”

As it turns out, the roasting wasn’t new to their family, as Kim shared that they actually make fun of each other all the time.

‘I think people might not get that we’re absolutely in on the joke. … We have a sense of humor, we roast each other as a family all day long. None of us are sensitive to it. I wanted people to see a part of my personality that all my friends know, that everyone close to me knows. But, you know, SNL was a completely different audience for me. … And it was fun.’

Kim definitely enjoyed her experience on the show. It’s even where she connected with her rumoured beau Pete Davidson.


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Pete is a regular on SNL and starred in a sketch with Kim, where they played Disney’s Aladdin and Jasmine in a parody during her appearance.

Since then, the pair have been spotted together multiple times, looking pretty close. They even celebrated Pete’s birthday together…in matching pyjamas…with Kris Jenner…and Flavor Flav. Is that confirmation of a relationship?

Either way, Kim’s family loves roasting each other, Pete’s a comedian. We imagine they’ll get along just fine.

Words by Slaine McKenna

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