Lads, Niall Horan Wants You To Stop Talking About That ‘Hickey’ On His Neck

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The day after former boyband One Direction’s 10 year anniversary, we had no idea that we would be sitting here writing about Niall Horan’s apparent ‘hickey’, but here we are.

Niall just set a fan straight after they tweeted that he was a sporting an ehm, sign of love, on his neck in a snap he recently posted.

Resharing the picture, the user wrote: “I’m dead, Niall’s Hickey”, which soon went on to grab the attention of a lot of other Niall fans, with it raking up well over 13,000 likes almost immediately.

Spotting the viral tweet, Niall replying, letting everyone know that it wasn’t a hickey… just a spot.

“Niall hasn’t got a hickey, Niall has got a spot on his neck like any other normal human” he said.

Under that Niall also went on to chat with other fans, admitting why this type of incident is the reason he doesn’t use Twitter often.

“Tell them to stop coming at me because they know I’ll win,” he said to one fan, while another said they understand why he doesn’t use Twitter much, due to comments like that to which he replied “Exactly. It’s unbelievable on here.”

Right well, note to self, never make fun of Niall’s hickeys. But hey, it’s nice to know Niall gets neck spots too just like the rest of us, eh?


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