Liam Payne Shares Reason Cheryl Doesn’t Want Their Son To Work In Showbiz

She has different hopes for their four-year-old son.


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Although they keep quite a low profile these days, Liam Payne recently spoke out about his ex, Cheryl, revealing that she has big plans for their four-year-old son, Bear.

Stepping away from the spotlight in recent years, Cheryl has only made a handful of appearances in the press since taking a backseat and it seems like she has similar plans for their son – wanting him to pursue a career other than showbiz like his mom and dad.

“This is a tricky one. I think his mum hopes he’s going to be this yoga person, ” Liam told The Sun.

“His mum is very chilled these days,” he continued in response to a question about Bear carving a path in music.

“I would never stop him but I would let him know the risks. My parents did not experience what I had. I want him to do something he enjoys doing every day,” he added.


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With both Cheryl and Liam knowing the price that comes with fame, from Cheryl confessing that showbiz made her feel like she was “dying inside” to Liam recently admitting he had a “pills and booze” phase during One Direction, the pair are both aware of the struggles that come from entertainment and subsequently, the media scrutiny.

Liam and Cheryl split in 2018 after two years together and now, it looks like the pair are hoping to spend more time together again, focusing on their son.

Liam recently announced that he called off his engagement with fiancée Maya Henry, hoping to now focus on himself and spend time with his family before he even considers getting in another relationship.


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Speaking to The Sun, a source said:

“Liam just wants to spend more time with his son Bear since the split. That’s his boy, he means the world to him.

“He’s devoted to being a dad and making more time with his little man now he’s getting older.

“Liam is taking care of himself better now, working out more and a clean living lifestyle too.”