Love Island’s Amy Hart Struggling To Walk During ‘Hardest Week’ Of Pregnancy

"This week has been the hardest week of my pregnancy"



Love Island star Amy Hart has shared her struggle to walk during her “hardest week” of pregnancy so far.

The reality star is set to give birth in four months time, and has been open with her followers about the highs and lows of her pregnancy.

Amy shared her struggles in a Q&A on Instagram.


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Amy said: “I won’t lie, this week has been the hardest week of my pregnancy, it’s literally the pain in my hips, I can’t sleep.

“I’m finding it really hard to walk. We were walking through Westfields earlier and suddenly I was like ‘ahh!’, shooting pain up my hips while I was walking.

“When I try and sleep at night it’s like ‘lightning vagina’, so trying to find highlights would be hard, but I will find them.”


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The star shared that her highlight of the week was attending a baby event with her boyfriend Samuel Rason, where the pair got excited about becoming parents.

Amy added that she has suffered a dip in her mood since reaching 20 weeks.

She was delighted to get another look at her little one during a hospital appointment, but is now ready for her little bundle of joy to arrive.

Sharing her latest scan pictures on Instagram, Amy wrote: “This last week I’ve been so so excited, the most excited I’ve been the whole time but I feel like I’ve been pregnant for aaaaggeess now and I’ve got to do the whole thing again and I just wanna have the baby here nowwww!!! (Veruca Salt vibes ✌🏻).”

 Written by Rebekah O’Reilly