Nadine Coyle Admits There’s ‘No Way’ She Could Have Stayed In Girls Aloud During Pregnancy

The mom-of-one on how becoming a parent put everything into perspective.


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Nadine Coyle is reflecting back on her pregnancy in 2014, explaining how she couldn’t even walk to the kitchen let alone dance in heels when she was pregnant with her daughter, now seven-year-old Anaiya.

Getting pregnant at 27-years-old, Nadine admitted that life on the road with Girls Aloud was far too physical for an expectant mother. Explaining to the Irish Sun that she never thought having a baby would hinder her workload, Nadine added that when she became pregnant things really became more clear.

“I was regularly in pyjamas and had morning sickness start at seven in the morning and stop at seven at night,” she told the publication. Continuing she added that her pregnancy was so tough on her, it would have been too hard to also juggle a physically demanding job.


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“I wasn’t getting to bed until late so there was no way I could have performed or done a promo or a tour being pregnant.

“It’s so amazing people can do it but I know physically I wasn’t well enough, it took over so much that I wasn’t physically capable of being able to do that.”

Adding that it was a big culture change to go from touring and partying to becoming a mum, Nadine added that she always knew it was going to be a “different experience”, but wouldn’t change it for the world.

Co-parenting her daughter Anaiya with her ex Jason Bell, Nadine admitted that the pair moved back in together during the pandemic so they could both be with their daughter. Although not back together officially, Nadine added that she’s thankful the pair are “very close” and “get on great”, making it easier for both of them to raise their daughter.


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“I’ve been so lucky that since Anaiya was really young my mum’s just amazing with kids, and also I have a great relationship with Jason,” Nadine added, showing praise for those around her and admitting that she’s got a good team when it comes to “keeping a household.”

Nadine and Jason were together for 11 years before splitting in 2019.


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