People Are Convinced Taylor Swift Just Shared Gigi And Zayn’s Baby Name

It wouldn't be the first time she's done something like this


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It’s been a whole two months since supermodel Gigi Hadid and One Direction star Zayn Malik welcomed their little girl into the world, yet still, we have no name for the sweet little one.

Searching for any nuggets of information the couple have dropped, fans are now convinced that fellow celeb and friend of the couple Taylor Swift has shared the baby’s name in her new album ‘Evermore’.

So, the theory is a tiny bit difficult to get your head around, but allow us to explain anyway. Taylor released two albums this year, ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’, on ‘Folklore’ the 8th song on the album is titled ‘August’, over the weekend, Gigi shared a picture of her heavily pregnant, a month before her little girl made an entrance, she captioned the picture

“August, waiting for our girl”


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Okay, so just as we were thinking that her name is August, fans hit us with more information. Moving on to Taylor’s ‘Evermore’ album, the 8th song on the record is titled ‘Dorothea’ – meaning her name is very possibly Dorothea.


It seems a little far fetched, yes. However, this wouldn’t be the first time Taylor has been rumoured to announce the name of one of her friend’s children, as it’s believed she revealed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughter name, ‘Betty’ with her first album this year.

So, while we’re certain that Zigi’s baby name is Dorothea, or at the very least, August, the only way we can know for sure is by waiting for them to announce the name themselves – so, we’ll just hang tight for now.



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