Prince Charles Took The Mick Out Of Cheryl For All Her Name Changes

He's finding it hard to keep up. You and us both, Chaz.

We’ve known Cheryl under quite a few different guises over the years.

She’s been Tweedy, she’s been Cole, she’s been Fernandez-Versini, and now she’s just… Cheryl on its own, we guess? One can never be sure.

But we’re not alone. Even Prince Charles isn’t sure what she’s calling herself these days.

Speaking at a Prince’s Trust event last night, the royal thanked Cheryl for all the work she has done for the charity – but admitted he couldn’t keep up with all her name changes:

I thought to myself some time ago, “Who’s Cheryl Tweedy?” I knew the Cheryl bit. I’d just missed out on the Tweedy. But I’m enormously grateful to her for raising millions of pounds – I can’t keep up with all the changes of names that the companies do either.

Consider yourself roasted, Cheryl. But she’s probably taking it in her stride, considering they’re great pals.

We’re going to need some kind of monthly newsletter to notify us of any changes in her name, or if it has stayed the same. It would be an incredibly valuable service.