Retro Flame’s Erika Fox Talks Marriage And Moving Apartment In NYC

She answered her followers' pressing questions over on Instagram.

Influencer Erika Fox who goes by Retro Flame set the record straight on Instagram yesterday evening, when she answered a whole host of assumptions on her as submitted by fans.

One of the latest trends to sweep the platform, the questions, as posted by followers, result in either a true or false answer and are a nice way for influencers and celebrities to chat more with their audience, as well as quash or address any rumours and speculation.

Speaking about everything from future goals to her long-term boyfriend Tommy, Erika answered multiple questions, even discussing whether or not she wanted to get married.

“Neither of us are in a rush. It almost feels like we’re already married because we’ve been together for so long, we’re verrryyy laid back about it”, the 29-year-old wrote online.

Explaining that she has been with Tommy since she was a teenager, Erika continued that the pair are very happy together and believe to be growing closer and “stronger” as the years progress.

Continuing, the Kerry native confirmed that she is indeed moving apartment in New York City this year. Having moved into her current two-bed apartment with boyfriend Tommy just over one year ago, Erika is hoping to move again, and plans to do so in 2021.

Sharing the news on Instagram, she answered a fan’s question by saying: “True, more on that soon.”

Erika is always looking at property and new rentals, and hopes to buy a place in Kerry at some stage, adding that she’s keeping an eye open.

The influencer didn’t reveal where in NYC she plans to move to, but as she has lived in Manhattan for the past couple of years, we expect it will be somewhere not too far from where she currently resides.

At the moment, however, Erika is still in Kerry with her family, spending the month of January at home and taking her time before she heads back to NYC, noting in a recent vlog that these times are so unpredictable, she’s not planning too far ahead.

Both Erika and her sister Kaelin Fox feature in the new issue of STELLAR in shops nationwide now. We had the pleasure of chatting to them this month for the sister issue to discuss their bond and what keeps them so close.