Right, Nobody Can Understand Kim Kardashian’s ‘Tampon’ Christmas Decorations

The decorations are back again, but still a mystery to many.

When it comes to celebrations, Kim Kardashian isn’t one to do things by halves.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen her throw some serious bashes, albeit controversial. From her birthday in Polynesia, to her spider themed Halloween extravaganza, and recent festive winter trip, Kim likes to celebrate and Christmas is certainly a time like no other.

With us still unsure as to who will take on the iconic KarJenner Christmas Eve bash this year, with Kourtney hosting the soiree last year; Kim seems to have her house ready to go anyways, if the family did decide to host it at her mansion in the hidden hills.

The question is, would you know these are Christmas decorations?

Returning for the second year in a row, you won’t see any tinsel or fairy lights at the Kardashian West residence, in fact, you won’t even see a typical fir or pine tree, no, Kim and Kanye’s decorations are a little bit more avant-garde, shall we say?!

Getting people talking online, the giant, white, fluffy pillars have been referred to as looking like “tampons”, “toilet roll”, and downright “bizarre”.


But as we all know, Kim K loves to do things differently, let’s not forget the green pumpkins for Halloween, and apparently Christmas is no different. According to Kim these holiday decorations aren’t meant to resemble anything other than “Whoville” – a town from the movie The Grinch. Righteo.