Riiiiiiight, So This Is The Latest Gift Kourtney Kardashian Received From Travis Barker

Yes, that says what you think it does.


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Although you may be lead to believe that Kourtney Kardashian’s wellness and lifestyle brand POOSH is the sworn enemy of Gwenyth Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle brand GOOP, it looks like you may be wrong from the looks of Travis Barker’s latest gift to his doting girlfriend.

As we all know by now, Travis and Kourtney are very open with their PDAs, we’ve had Kourtney sucking Travis’ thumb in a risqué vid, the holiday snaps of the pair looking totally in love, Travis’ hand placement constantly on Kourtney’s bum and of course, the POOSH articles which discuss rough sex, various kinks and the likes that Kourtney is fond of sharing.

Yes, we’re living vicariously through these two, but the latest gift that Travis has given to Kourtney has caused us to do a double take.

Is that a candle that says it smells like Kourtney’s orgasm?!

Yeah, it is.

Custom made from Gwenyth Paltrow’s brand GOOP, home to the famous “vagina” candle that apparently was said to be inspired by the smell of the creator’s vajayjay, as well as the equally successful orgasm candle which followed suit (both selling out FYI), it looks like Travis has got one custom made so it mentions Kourtney in particular.

Sharing the candle to Instagram, Travis accompanied it with no text, leaving the image do all the talking.

Tbh, we’ve no words either.

However, if the candle has got your interests aroused, you can join the waitlist here for the next batch to drop. Be prepared to splash the cash though, they ain’t cheap.


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