Rozanna Purcell Looks Back On The Decade

With 2020 around the corner, Irish model and author Rozanna Purcell is feeling reflective.

Sharing a photo to Instagram, she looks back on the last 10 years and thinks of what she would tell her 18-year-old self.

“I’m happy to say over the past ten years I have somewhat returned to how I was when I was 18….confident, happy & believed I could do anything just not as naive now,” she writes.

“I lost myself in the middle of it all because I totally feared change in everything from my body, to fear of letting go of environments, people & control but came full circle in the end.”

“If there’s anything I would say to my 18 yo self it would probably be to have more fun, not care what people think so much. Don’t lose touch with people & don’t become so fearful of failing!”

In 2010, Rozanna was the first Miss Universe Ireland to place in the worldwide competition since 1998 and since then, her career has soared upwards.

Here’s hoping that the next ten years are even brighter!


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