Suzanne Jackson On Why She Keeps Her Marriage Private And Plans To Move Overseas

She spoke candidly online last night while answering fans 'assumptions'.

Beauty mogul Suzanne Jackson has opened up about her relationship with both her husband and her family during a candid Instagram Q&A.

The 36-year-old took part in an Instagram stories challenge, where followers submit their assumptions about her, and Suzanne responds explaining if they are true or not.

One fan noted Suzanne’s husband Dylan’s absence from her social media, and raised the question with Suzanne, to which she responded:

“My husband is a very private man. And I have to respect that. I also love how private he is.”

Sharing a little bit about her marriage, one fan submited the assumption that she and Dylan never argue, to which she answered with:

“Hahah… we fight like every couple”

Currently residing in County Dublin, Suzanne continued to answer more questions, explaining that although she doesn’t have plans to sell her dream house, she is thinking about moving abroad.

Answering a question asking if she still lives in Ireland, Suzanne revealed that she’s currently at home, but has plans to “relocate this year.”

Continuing the Q&A, Suzanne also spoke about family and what they mean to her.

“I love spoiling the people I love. At the end of the day, family are everything,” she confessed.

One fan then asked Suzanne if she had a falling out with younger sister Carla, as like Dylan, she has been notably absent from Suzanne’s social media in recent times.

“You’ve fallen out with Carla, haven’t seen her in your stories in months” the fan wrote.

“God no! She’s my sister and we’re very close!” Suzanne said.

Going on to explain why Carla hasn’t been on her social media, she continued:

“Carla took a break from social media as she wasn’t enjoying it as much… and she’s loving it!

“A break from social media can do you the world of good sometimes. It’s not the nicest place in the world right now.”

I mean, she’s not wrong.

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