Suzanne Jackson Reveals Why She Suddenly Returned Home From Portugal

'She’s not well again so I came home for a bit...'

Suzanne Jackson has revealed she has returned to Ireland in her latest post. The beauty boss recently announced that she and her husband, Dylan had made the move to Portugal.

Updating her followers today, she shared that she has had to return to Ireland as one of her dogs has been sick. Posting to Instagram stories she said; “Woke in Ireland.”

“Unfortunately Coco hasn’t been well, so that delayed us bringing the dogs to Portugal. She’s not well again so I came home for a bit.”

The news of her move came as a surprise to many, with Suzanne initially sharing it to Instagram stories in a statement; “I wanted to let you all know that myself and Dylan have decided to go ahead with our decision to relocate to Portugal.”

Continuing Suzanne said; “We have taken all the necessary precautions to get here safely and will continue to follow Portuguese COVID guidelines & restrictions while we reside here.”

For STELLAR’s recent supplement, VIPets, cover star Suzanne shared with us that although they are planning to split their time between Dublin and the Algarve, their three little doggies are very much part of their plans and will be accompanying them wherever they go.

The make-up mogul, later shared a few more details about their decision to make the big move. Suzanne said; “We’re going to be living here a couple of months of the year, a couple of months in Ireland… it will be between the two countries.”

She also added that they think their plan will be to spend six months in Portugal and six months in Ireland; “It is looking very exciting for myself and Dylan to be out here potentially six months of the year.”

“We haven’t decided on the exact length of time but we will definitely be here for the summer.”

We hope that little Coco is feeling better soon and can join them in Portugal!


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