Turns Out Molly-Mae Hague’s £8K Giveaway Was ‘In Breach Of Rules’ Says Watchdog

The influencer was given a warning from the ASA in regards to her viral competition.


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Molly-Mae Hague received some telling off after her latest Instagram competition was deemed not to be fair for all participants.

According to an Advertising Standards Authority watchdog, Molly-Mae was unable to provide evidence that all entrants had an equal chance of winning after 100 people were selected at “random” for the final draw to win the goodies.

Speaking on her Instagram channel, Molly-Mae said that she was so inundated with entrants that she couldn’t use an online giveaway winner generator as usual because there was too many people to include, instead, she picked 100 people at random and then from there, ran those names through a generator to find her winner.

With almost three million comments, over 12 people contacted the ASA saying that they were unsure as to whether or not everyone who entered got a fair chance, challenging Molly-Mae and her process.


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Speaking to Molly-Mae, the ASA said that the influencer stated that a member of her management team had manually selected 100 entrants at random, and then used Google’s number-picking tool to choose a winner.

But the regulator noted that it was spotted via an Instagram Story of Molly-Mae’s that the winner had actually been picked from a smaller shortlisted group of 25 people.

Adding that there was “inconsistencies” in what Molly-Mae was saying as well as the evidence provided and overall lack of evidence in creating a fair draw from the beginning, the ASA in the UK concluded that “the promotion was not administered fairly”.


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