Who Is Julia Fox: 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Kanye West’s New Girlfriend

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Kanye West, or Ye as he is now known, and Julia Fox are taking the internet by storm. Despite only having met on New Year’s Eve, their relationship is already in full force and extremely public.

Ye and Julia met on New Year’s Eve in Miami. Just a few days later, they went on a highly public first date. Which began with them seeing a play, grabbing dinner, Ye directing a public photo shoot of Julia in the restaurant, and then surprising her with a hotel room full of clothes.

If you’re wondering how everyone manages to know all the date night details, Julia wrote a blog post about the date for Interview magazine. Sharing their entire itinerary, she said, “I don’t know where things are headed, but if this is any indication of the future, I’m loving the ride.”

While the relationship is definitely new, it’s also serious, but who exactly is Julia? Well, we’ve figured out everything you’ll need to know about Ye’s new love.

1. She’s Italian American

Julia was born in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, to an Italian mum and American dad. She lived with her grandfather in Milan till she was six. After that, she moved to New York with her father and lived on the city’s Upper East Side.

2. She had a very interesting education

Julia attended City-As-School High School, a school in New York which focuses on experiential learning through internships. This mixture of work placement and learning isn’t the only thing to set this school apart as they also don’t use grades. Fellow alumni include Princess Nokia, Decora, Patty Smyth, and Adam Horovitz.

3. She founded a successful women’s knitwear line

One of Julia’s first business ventures, was her women’s knitwear line. In 2014, Julia and her friend Briana Andalore, launched Franziska Fox. The line had everything from knitted tops, dresses, and coats. Unfortunately, Julia outgrew the brand, and Franziska Fox no longer exists.

4. She is a photographer

After her knitwear line ended, Julia embraced a different form of creativity and picked up the camera. Currently, she has self-published two books of photography, published in 2015 was Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour: Heartburn/Nausea, and PTSD, in 2016.

5. She once faked her death (sort of)

Following the publishing of PTSD, Julia entered further into the art world. In 2017, she hosted her first major art exhibit titled “R.I.P. Julia Fox'” The exhibition featured silk canvases painted with her own blood that she extracted with a syringe, and focused on death.

6. She made her acting debut with Adam Sandler

After her careers as a designer, photographer, and artist, she jumped into acting. In 2019, she made her big-screen debut in Uncut Gems, with non-other than Adam Sandler. Her character, also called Julia, was Adam’s mistress and co-worker. The film was a massive success and received critical acclaim. Since then, she has appeared in other projects like PVT Chat and also wrote and directed her own short film, Fantasy Girls.

7. She has a seriously impressive modelling career

Considering all the jobs she had already had, it’s hardly surprising that her list of job titles wouldn’t stop there. She is also a successful model and has done campaigns for Diesel and Coach, and appeared in editorials for Vogue, Vogue Italia, The Face, Playboy, and Paper. She also modelled with someone very interesting…

8. She was on a magazine cover with Pete Davidson

Ye isn’t the only one to have moved on. His Kim Kardashian has been seeing comedian Pete Davidson for a few months now. But in a weird turn of events, Pete and Julia actually posed together as Barbie and Ken for Paper magazine in 2019. This isn’t even Julia’s only connection to Kim as she also modelled for Skims and said she wanted to be a part of the Kardashian fam…yeah, we’ve broken down all the awkwardness here https://stellar.ie/trending/kanyes-gf-julia-fox-was-in-a-skims-campaign-two-years-ago/101644

9. She’s been married before


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While we all know about Ye’s current separation from Kim Kardashian, Julia also went through a breakup as well. In 2020 she separated from her husband Peter Artemiev, a private pilot, who she married in 2018.

10. She’s a mum


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With her ex-husband Peter, she shares a baby boy. Her son Valentino was born in January 2021. While she and Peter are co-parenting, it hasn’t been easy. Julia has called Peter out on social media, labelling him a “deadbeat alcoholic” in December 2021. Claims which Peter denies.

11. She has her own podcast

Truly a master of all, Julia is also a podcast host. She is a part of the Forbidden Fruits podcast, which she co-hosts with Niki Takesh. It is described as “no holes barred cultural commentary, by Julia FoxΒ and her co-host Niki Takesh, two influential, opinionated, and transgressive women with a keen understanding of the current intersection of pop culture, sex, and stigma.”

And that’s Julia, your run of the mill designer, artist, actor, director, writer, model, podcast host. Her and Ye definitely share a creative energy. Maybe that’s why they’re so into one another?

Words by Slaine McKenna

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