Cheeky! RTÉ’s Stephen Byrne Pranked A Load Of Wannabe Presenters During A ‘Live’ Broadcast

Ashton Kutcher and the Punkd crew would be proud.

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TV presenting might seem like a jammy job, but it’s harder than it looks.

There’s the autocue. The cameras and lights in your face. The fact that you’re speaking to a live audience and could mess up at ANY time. Not for the faint-hearted.

Five would-be TV presenters learnt that the hard way recently, when they were put through their paces by RTÉ’s Stephen Byrne. The group were each competing for a chance to be a roving reporter for Coca-Cola at this weekend’s Longitude – but what they didn’t know was that their final “live” audition was a total set-up, complete with a dodgy autocue, a missing model and a disappearing co-presenter.

To be fair though, they didn’t do half bad:

Not sure we’d have kept our chill quite so well…

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