Cheryl Reveals Why She Called Her Son ‘Bear’ While Slamming Other ‘Common’ Names

She gave a very rare interview to Lorraine.

Cheryl and Liam Payne’s son may be seven months old, but the famous couple have only just revealed why they gave him the unusual moniker, Bear.

The former X Factor judge made her big return to the ITV talent show this year as Simon Cowell’s second-in-command at judge’s houses, and she gave a very rare interview to Lorraine at the same time.

While the full interview won’t air until next week, the sneak preview shows the mum-of-one talking about why she chose the name for her son.

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Simon quipped, “Would you want to go to school being called Bear?” To which she responded, “Well would you want to be an Arthur? Or Simon? One of those common names?” Oh, the sass! Hopefully the Arthurs and Simons of the world aren’t *too* offended.

In a previous interview, Liam explained that he and Chez just wanted their little one to have a name that was unique. “The reason she chose bear in the end was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room you won’t forget. And I like that. When I look at him he is Bear,” he explained.

“To be honest at first I wasn’t having it, I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t sure. Now I look at him and he is Bear. It’s mad.”

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