Chris Evans Has Weighed In On *That* Accidental Instagram Story

You know, that NSFW pic...


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Only yesterday, the internet went a little wild over an accidental screen recording that Chris Evans uploaded to his Instagram Stories. He shared a screen recording of a video of his family playing Heads Up, once the video ended, the screen recording went straight to the camera roll where you could see the photo in question, which can only be described as a dick pic.

Saying nothing at the time, Chris took the post down almost immediately. Now, he’s finally weighed in on the matter. “Now that I have your attention… VOTE Nov 3rd!!!” Well, that’s one way to handle the situation.

Jamie Lee Curtis replied to the tweet, saying, “My boy! Proud of him. Got MY attention!”. While others had tweeted Chris before he said anything about the incident. Once Chris started trending on Twitter, his co-star Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining,”.

While Chrissy Teigen also shared her thoughts, although not naming Chris specifically, she shared:

“My WhatsApp automatically saves every photo to my roll so any boobs in my phone are my girlfriends showing me their boobs or boobs they hate or boobs they love or yeah def also my boobs,” she wrote. “I’d say 80 percent of my roll is whatsapp nonsense between friends.”

She then added, “I know you can change the settings but I like it. Tons of pics of the kids between families, easy when it saves.”


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