Chris Hughes Reveals He Was Recently Involved In A Car Crash

He's thankfully now on the mend!


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A post shared by Chris Hughes (@chrishughesofficial)

Love Island’s Chris Hughes has shared that he was involved in a pretty serious car crash just this week.

Lucky to escape the wreck with minimal injuries, Chris took to his Instagram stories to explain what happened.

Sharing that he has a sore neck, he wrote: “Had a crash on the motorway last night and my cars in a sorry state, necks sore but home to this”

Chris shared that he came home to a care package from his girlfriend, Annabel Dimmock. Continuing on to share the incident with his followers, Chris showed a picture of his car after the accident. Explaining more he said:

“Not fun, but 2 amazing people stopped to help and they were the best”

“One was in the RAF and the other just came from work, so thanks both”

“I actually was useless in the situation and a bit meh, so didn’t know what to do,”

Thankfully, Chris seems to be on the mend from his ordeal as he’s headed to Birmingham for work this week.