Christine Quinn Reveals Whether She Will Continue Filming Selling Sunset With Her New Brokerage

Please don't say we are losing the drama!


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Everyone’s favourite Selling Sunset villain Christine Quinn, has left the Oppenheim Group to start her own Brokerage with her husband named RealOpen.

With her departure from the real estate group known in the show, fans were wondering whether this major personality will be missing from the next season…

It was rumoured that her new company would be featured as the rival group in the future, but it looks like Christine may have just confirmed this.

Speaking to USA Today, Christine assured viewers that she plans to continue filming the show (yay!).


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Christine also revealed that producers of the show knew she planned to leave to start her company for a year beforehand, but that they wanted to make the show interesting, “it wasn’t a convenient storyline that Christine went off and started her own brokerage. That’s not good TV”, she said.

In the end, the series shows Christine being accused of bribing clients not to work with Emma Hernan, something that Christine says wasn’t the case.

But being seen as the ‘bad guy’ isn’t all bad in her eyes, she explained that it actually has helped her business, “I work with people that are like, ‘I’m gonna be honest with you. I saw the show, and you may not be my favourite character, but no one can say you are not a boss a– b—-,’

“‘You are the hardest working one, and I want you to represent me and be in my corner.’ So it’s actually worked in my favour, believe it or not. And I do. I do what’s best for my clients, and I represent them and their best interests, and I think that’s what makes me so good at my job.”


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So, what’s the deal with her new venture?

RealOpen is a unique real estate company which specialises in property sales through cryptocurrencies. According to Forbes the company, “allows anyone, anywhere to purchase or sell a home via crypto, in a time when many brokerages and agents might shy away from the process. It’s the first company of its kind.”

Christine started the venture with her tech entrepreneur husband Christian, and said, “It took over a year of hard work and tenacity to create this platform and patent-pending technology to revolutionize the housing market.”

Bring on the battle of the brokerages.


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