Ciaran Is Really Playing The Field On Tonight’s Love Island

STELLAR PROMOTION: Someone isn't happy...

Tonight’s Love Island is set to be one of kisses, dates, and a whole load of love triangles.

Last night saw Ciaran get to know both Nicole and Harriett, much to the frustration of both women, despite it being literal day 3.

Tonight, the drama continues as Ciaran spends a little time alone with Nicole…

The pair chat in the garden before Ciaran says, “I want to kiss you right now.”

Conscious that Harriett is in the garden, Nicole says, “It’s so hard isn’t it? We can’t, we’ve got to behave.”

Later on, Harriett and Ciaran do some kissing under the covers, and the next morning Ciaran decides to make Nicole a coffee… honestly, this man.

The girls both discuss their connections with Ciaran, leading Nicole to discover his kiss with Harriett in bed. Naturally, she is annoyed.

Elsewhere, new girl Uma seems to already have her sights set on Ayo.

She heads straight to the Hideaway with him, telling him: “I like your style. You’re obviously really, really good looking. You’re tall. I’m just intrigued by you.”

At the end of her first date, she says: “That was a lovely date. Thank you so much – I enjoyed chatting with you. Now, you can go and fetch me Joey.”

She then enjoys a date with Joey, but it seems fairly clear where her head is at anyway…

But it isn’t clear where Joey’s is, as his date with Uma has left him questioning Samantha. It’s all kicking off.

“The whole time I’ve been here, I’ve been very transparent. I’m keeping my options open and talking to everyone. Obviously, I’m coupled up with Samantha but this always happens. I’m really trying my best here to not dive in deep and it’s still happening,” he tells Ciaran.

Ciaran asks Joey, “Do you think that’s a bit of an eye opener though? If it’s like this now, what could it be like in a week in here?”


Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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