Cillian Murphy’s Son Aran To Make Movie Debut

The apple doesn't fall far!

It looks like Cillian Murphy has inspired his son.

Yes, his son Aran Murphy is following in Cillian’s footsteps and will make his film debut very soon!

And honestly, we love a nepo baby here at STELLAR HQ…

So what can we expect?

Cillian Murphy Pic: NBC

Well per Deadline, the 16-year-old been cast in Taika Waititi’s upcoming film Klara and the Sun.

The movie will star Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega and the one and only, Amy Adams. So we’re sure it will be a hit!

It is based on a dystopian sci-fi novel by Nobel-prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. And it will definitely leave you with chills.

Jenna plays an Artificial Friend which is bought by Amy Adam’s character as a companion for her ill teenage daughter Josie played by Mia Tharia.

Wednesday Pic: Netflix

As for Aran, he will star as Josie’s best friend Rick!

While this is Aran’s first movie role, it’s not his first foray into acting.

He previously played the titular character of Hamnet, in the play when it debuted in Dublin’s Abbey Theatre back in 2018 before it moved to London.

Aran is Cillian and his wife, Yvonne McGuinness’ youngest son. They also have 18-year-old son Malachy.

We can’t wait to see Aran on the big screen!