CNN’s John King And His Magic Wall Were The Real Stars Of Last Night’s Election Coverage

'Find somebody that loves you as much as John King loves his magic wall.'

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The world was watching as America’s election results rolled in last night, eventually revealing Donald Trump as the US President elect in the early hours of this morning.

While the outcome of the election was shocking and upsetting for many, there was one saving grace during the nail-biting wait for the final results: CNN’s Magic Wall.

The news network offered a free live stream of its live coverage across the world, meaning most of those who stayed up to learn of America’s fate ended up watching CNN’s National Correspondent John King pull up result after result via his “magic wall.”

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The wall, basically a massive touchscreen TV which updated automatically as new counts came in and was also able to compare each county and state’s results to previous election years. Officially called the Multi Touch Collaboration Wall, the magic wall has been used by CNN for previous elections, and last night it was most definitely John’s baby.

He didn’t leave it alone for even a second.

Nobody else was allowed to touch it, in fact.

The constant updates were terrifying, but addictive.

But basically everyone in the world wanted their own version.

Forget Trump, we want the Magic Wall as US President, please.


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