Coldplay Won’t Be Touring Their Next Album Due To Environmental Reasons

Not so great news for Coldplay fans, but a good 'un for the environment.

After the big hype around Coldplay’s latest album, and their less than typical announcement, we now get the news that Coldplay won’t be touring with their new tunes. Die-hard Coldplay fans may not be too impressed, but alas, it’s all in good nature.

They’ve announced they won’t be touring again, until there’s a more environmentally beneficial way to do it. In an interview with BBC News, front man Christ Martin spoke for the band to say they’re taking time to work out how to make touring sustainable and not damaging to the environment. He then stated the band want all their future tours to have a positive impact: “We’re taking time to see how our tour can be actively beneficial. All of us have to work out the best way of doing our job”.

“Our next tour will be the best possible version of a tour like that environmentally. We would be disappointed if it’s not carbon neutral. We’ve done a lot of big tours at this point. How do we turn it around so it’s no so much taking as giving?”

This comes after their last tour did 122 shows across five continents, including a phenomenal night in Croke Park. But for their latest album, they’ll be playing two gigs, which will be broadcast for everyone to see on YouTube. The two gigs will be in Jordan, the reason why being that the band “wanted to pick somewhere in the middle of the world where we normally don’t get to play”. On top of this, they’re playing a one off concert at the Natural History Museum in London on 25 November. Plus, all the proceeds will be donated to an environmental charity.

Well, fair play lads.


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