Could A Vision Board Be The Key To Your Perfect 2024?

Here's why they work, and how to make one!


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Manifestation is the word of the month.

Everyone wants their year to go the right way – just like every January, we’re all hoping to set off on the right foot and aim for as much success as possible!

The thing is, the idea of manifestation can be confusing. You’re supposed to detach from the outcome of your dreams and goals, but what if you’re an over-thinker and an anxious planner?

You have to be positive and confident about your wishes coming true, but it’s not always easy if you’ve been going through a rough patch or haven’t had much luck in recent years.


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One way to simplify the art of manifestation and take off the pressure a little bit: a vision board!

The idea is simple. You put all of your goals, hopes and dreams together on a board so that you can literally ‘envision’ your future.

Similar to journaling, vision boards help you to make sense of what’s going on in your head, and realise it by putting it on paper.

Some believe that if you place your vision board in a space you look at every day, your brain will start to accept that the things you see are a part of your reality.

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Of course, you still have to work toward your goals – you can’t just pritt stick a fiver to your wall and expect to win the lotto the next day.

But a combination of visual manifestation, good work and a dash of optimism may just be exactly what you need to help make your dream life come true!

So, how does one make a vision board?

We’ve rounded up simple instructions and plenty of inspo for you – let’s get creating!

Pick your base

You want a nice solid base for your vision board. You could use a cork board, canvas, cardstock or paper board!

If you’re less of a craft girly, you could also make a virtual vision board with Canva or Photoshop.

Gather materials

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This is where you need to think about what you want to see every time you look at your vision board!

It can help to write out your hopes and dreams for the year first, and then see how they translate into images.

Old magazines and newspapers are great for cut outs, and we love printing images off the web for really specific visions. (Pinterest will be your best friend here!)

You can get as creative as you like; try stickers, glitter, ribbons, old photos, cash, dried flowers, sticky notes with messages – whatever matches your vision!

Set the scene

Before you get to work, you have to set up the right environment.

Find a relaxing, quiet space where you can start piecing your board together.

We lit candles, played our favourite music and got snacks together so we could spread it all out and get lost in the process!

Plan it out


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Before you stick – plan it out.

Of course your vision board can be chaotic and vibrant, but you don’t want it to be sticky, torn, falling apart, or a general mess.

Think about how to arrange things, and see how they look before you commit. You might want everything to overlap, or to have defined sections for keeping a clear goal in mind.

Maybe you want links between things that make sense to you.

Think it over – and beware the permanent marker!

Get to work


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This is the fun part!

Stick, tape, pin or attach all of your fabulous findings to your board.

We love including quotes or writing important words that mean something to us, and leaving a little space here and there to add to our vision board as our dreams grow over the year.

Hang it up

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When you’re finally happy with your vision board – or the first draft of it – you can choose its pride of place!

Pick somewhere well lit, where you’ll see your vision board frequently.

It could be above your desk, resting in the windowsill, or on the wall opposite your bed.

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If you’ve opted for a virtual vision board, make it your laptop or phone wallpaper for optimum visibility.

Now that the hard work is done, you just have to keep on moving forward – with your visions in plain sight!

Here’s to a gorgeous and glorious 2024.