Could Britney Spears Be Collabing With This Music Icon Next?

Hint: Britney performed with her at the 2003 MTV VMAs


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Britney Spears is returning to what she loves and making music again!

Her most recent release was a collab with Elton John on a remake of his classic hit Tiny Dancer, which their version being Hold Me Closer.

It has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, but this might not be the only new collab of Brits. As music legend (and Britney’s close friend) Madonna just hinted at a collaboration between the pair.

During a Q&A on YouTube, Madonna was asked if she would work with Britney Spears on future music, and the Material Girl was very enthusiastic about the idea.

Saying: “I am gagging to work with Britney again!”


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Britney and Madonna go way, way, way, back, and worked together before.

They performed together MTV VMA’s in 2003, and collaborated on the track Me Against The Music that same year.

So we already know they work really well together.

And their friendship has continued throughout the years, with Madonna attending Britney’s wedding to Sam Asghari, back in June 2022. Where the pair recreated their iconic kiss from the VMA’s.

So the make great music together, and are great friends…sounds like a perfect musical duo.


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While we would love new music from the gals, Madonna schedule is pretty jam packed, at the moment. So if there was to be something in the works, it would probably be a few months away.

Right now she is gearing up for the release of her upcoming biopic (mark your calendars, it’s arriving in 2023).

She is also just after releasing a Greatest Hits album, and during the same Q&A hinted at a tour. Saying: “Do you want me to go on tour?”


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