Could There Be A ‘Framing Britney Spears’ Sequel On The Cards?

The director has weighed in on the sequel rumours.


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Chances are, you’ve more than likely sat down to watch the phenomenon that is Framing Britney. If you haven’t watched it by now, you’ve definitely heard all about it. The New York Times documentary delved into Britney’s life, looking at her rise to fame, treatment by the press and the Free Britney movement.

There have been plenty of rumours that a sequel is in the works and that Britney herself actually was involved in the documentary. One of the show’s creators, director Samantha Stark, has addressed these rumours in a recent interview.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she said “I would be passionately excited about that idea [of a sequel].”

She then agreed that there’s certainly more to say and that the team behind the documentary have already been contacted by sources claiming to offer new information: “I would be into it. There’s definitely more to say. We’ve already started getting tips from people for new information.”


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Samantha then discussed that there’s a lot more information to share about Britney’s conservatorship in particular. “There’s more to the story, and there’s more to say how she got into the conservatorship and what’s happening in the conservatorship as well.”

Although Samantha did shut down the theory that Britney had any involvement in the documentary. Referring to the ‘Project Rose’ conspiracy, where fans suggested that Britney was involved because some of the interviews in the documentary take place in front of a rose wall. As Britney frequently posts about roses on her Instagram, some fans were convinced that the two were linked.

“So much of Britney’s Instagram takes place in this gorgeous Californian backyard. There’s tonnes of roses, roses are everywhere. I wanted the interview set-up to look as if they were filming in that world,” Stark explained, before adding, “We didn’t even know there was a ‘rose project’ before we started doing all this.”

She continued, “It’s always unclear even through [Britney’s] Instagram and Twitter if she’s saying something unfiltered or not. And I think one of the big ethical issues of the film was to make a film about Britney Spears without Britney Spears… So, we rely on people with first-hand experience telling their experience, people commenting on our culture, the culture around that, or facts. We’re never assuming what’s going on in Britney’s head [or if she] has a medical diagnosis.”


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