Dami Hope Reveals This Dramatic Fight Was Cut From The Love Island Reunion

Here's what the fight was really about.


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We all tuned in to the Love Island Reunion last night to see our fave Islanders after nearly a week without them on our screens. And although it was pretty tame compared to the reunions of the past, there was a brief spark of drama that left viewers wanting to know more.

It turns out this spark was actually a full fiery argument between Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe that was cut from the show before it aired.

Third place finalist Dami Hope revealed the details on Twitter has he wrote during the show, “Are we gonna get the Coco beef now?”

A follower replied to him after seeing the snippet of the drama saying, “I’m assuming they didn’t show it all..?”, to which Dami replied, “Nah that was mid compared to what happened.”


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Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe had a spat during the show after Coco revealed on a recent podcast interview that she grew close to Josh Le Grove while in a holding villa, and that she thinks something could have happened between them.

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco shared information about the moment she thinks sparks could have flown, she said, “He was like ‘Oh I’m horny’ I was like right… I’m gonna take myself to bed. But I don’t know why I did that because sorry he’s so fit…

“But we are really close now, like we spend like every day, like all day together and I’m like just let me try once. I even say to him, ‘Just let me try once please Josh!’”

Josh had a romance with Summer Botwe before he left the villa and the pair seem to be continuing their romance since leaving, so when all three were reunited at last night’s show, it got a little awkward…


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Summer made a comment about people wishing they could have gotten with someone else from the show, while Coco told her if she can’t stand big personalities, she shouldn’t have gone on a reality tv show.

An audience member has since spilled some tea online saying that the argument went on a lot longer than what was shown and resulted in Coco storming off the set, yikes!

Coco thanked her followers for all the “support” she received after the show, but Summer has yet to address the tiff on social media. All we need now is Coco to hop on another pod and tell us what actually went down….

As Dami wrote on Twitter, “I’m sure coco will tell you guys somehow.


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