Date With My Plate: STELLAR Catches Up With Penneys Press Officer Katie Kelly About Her Foodie Faves

Next up in our snap happy snack series, we've got Katie Kelly. Brace yourself peeps, the fashionista's plate is just as an enviable as her wardrobe.


We’re going out on a limb here (and paraphrasing Miranda Priestly’s first assistant, Emily) by saying that Katie Kelly has a job a million girls would kill for… who’s with us? As Press Officer of shopping mecca, Penneys, Katie is surrounded by fashion fabulousness on the daily, working on everything from lookbook shoots to events.

While she kindly feeds our style habit, the PO admits that, second only to fashion, the other great love of her life is food. “If I’m not eating it, I’m talking about it!,” she laughs. So, nosy little STELLAR asked Katie to keep a foodie photo diary – we wanted to know what she chows down on at Penneys HQ and beyond.


“We’re so lucky to have an amazing café in our building at Penneys HQ, Gather and Gather. The food is really healthy and so delicious. My favourite meal of the day there is breakfast – eggs, sourdough, avocado, cherry tomato and mushroom – all washed down with one of their amazing coffees.”


“Getting out for a walk at lunch time saves my sanity so I like to get my food from somewhere on the other side of the city to make the trip worthwhile. My favourite place to go is Blazing Salads. It’s healthy food that doesn’t scrimp on flavour. My order here is usually a salad box…with a giant lump of feta on top!”


“Whenever I’m in Blazing Salads, I normally pick up something for dinner too. I am in LOVE with the brown rice balls they do. I have these with steamed sprouting broccoli, griddled asparagus tips and a dressing of soy and grated ginger, topped with lots of seeds.”


“I travel a bit for work so that can present some healthy eating challenges while at the same time offering great opportunities to try new foods! Airport food is normally pretty dismal but I was in Heathrow today so I nabbed one of the fish finger wraps in Leon, which is a bit of a happy medium between good and bad.”


“You must think at this stage that I have an addiction to eggs but this dish is really worth talking about. I had a meeting in Hubbard and Bell in the Hoxton Hotel in London and while I was there, I devoured these eggs Benedict.”


“Next stop on my work travels was Madrid. After lots of wandering in the 35 degree heat, I found this amazing shop that sold ice pops made from fresh fruit juice. I chose watermelon and cucumber. Guilt.Free.Treat!”


“My friend Tara is an amazing hostess and also an amazing baker. She had a party in her house this weekend and made rainbow cake with cream cheese icing. There are no words to describe how good it was!


“I don’t get much opportunity to cook properly but when I do my go to dish is spinach, feta and pine nut filo tart. I brought it along to my friend’s party and it was devoured. I try to bring one to every party and there’s never any left over!”