David And Victoria Beckham Had Some Surprising Inspiration For Daughter Harper’s Name

The power Wizards Of Waverly Place holds!


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The Beckhams made waves with their baby names back in the late nineties/early noughties.

Naming their eldest son Brooklyn, after the borough of New York City, where they found out Victoria was pregnant. Then, welcoming Romeo to the family, which the couple have stated is completely unrelated to anything Shakespearean, but instead just a name they liked.

The next edition was Cruz, and while rumours would have you believe he is named after their close pal Tom Cruz, or the boats they like to holiday on, that’s not actually the case. The family was living in Madrid when he was born and wanted a Spanish name, opting for Cruz which means cross in Spanish.

While none of these seem that unusual now a days, the public was much less used to eccentric celeb baby names back then, and made quite a fuss over their choices. So it came as a big surprise when the pair welcomed their first daughter in 2011, and picked the name Harper Seven for the baby girl.

With Harper being much more widely-used amongst the general public than her siblings’ names were. But where exactly did they find this name? Well, its actually a pretty shocking source.


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While Posh and Becks seeming chose all of their other kids’ names based on location and preference, they reportedly weren’t the ones to pick Harper’s moniker. With her brother’s getting a say on their baby sister’s name.

So how did the lads pick? Well, supposedly they turned to inspiration from their favouite TV show Wizards Of Waverly Place.

The show featured the character Harper Finkle, played by Jennifer Stone, who was the best friend wizard Alex Russo on the series. Speaking on their new podcast, The Wizards Of Waverly Pod, Jen shared what she had heard about the Beckhams’ choice of name.

“Apparently, they told me that the Beckham kids, you know they named their daughter after Harper? Because they asked their kids like ‘pick a name’ and I don’t know how true this is, somebody told me this. But they said you can do whatever name, and that’s how they picked Harper,” Jennifer explained.


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Her co-host David DeLuise, who played father of the family Jerry Russo, shared just how big of fans the Beckham boys were of the series, with them stopping by the studio to watch the show being recorded.

“I know 100 per cent, that they came to the show because I was like, ‘ohh my god! David Beckham is coming, oh my god. OH MY GOD.”

“And then he didn’t come, but the kids came,” he reminded Jennifer, who didn’t remember the visit.

With Jen asking: “And Victoria came?” but David explained that he could remember if she was there with the kids.


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So that’s the bizarre coincidence that seemingly led to the Beckham family naming their daughter after Wizards Of Waverly Place.

And making things even more gas is the fact the Brooklyn and his wife Nicola are now extremely close with Selena Gomez, who starred as Alex Russo in the series.

Speaking about the pair’s close friendship with Selena, Nicola told Cosmopolitan UK: “Oh my god. We’re like, ‘Yeah, we are a throuple.’ We are all three best friends.”