Defending Billie Eilish, Sobbing For Kim K And Why We’re Not Ready For Another Reunion

It's episode 10 of The Skim, girlies, can you believe it?

We’ve hit the 10 week mark with our podcast so it’s safe to say we’re feeling a little WDF, where has time gone?

That aside, what an incredible 10 weeks it has been, hosting The Skim has been a favourite gig for Rebecca and I so far, so THANK YOU for giving us your ears for 30 minutes a week and listening to us dissect and divulge through all the juicy celeb gossip in the headlines.

Now, moving on to this week’s episode, a cracker.

Talking about why cancel culture doesn’t need to be *that* harsh, we’re discussing why the latest cancellation of Billie Eilish is so totally unnecessary and why it’s important to not read into everything you see. Yes, some celebs deserve to be called out, but there also has to be fair and fact based reason behind your actions TOO.


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In the latest episode we also discuss why KUWTK coming to an end is really heartbreaking, but throwing the split of Kim and Kanye into the mix is the twisting of the sword.

Her reason for the split, well that’s even more heartbreaking.

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In other news, we talk about Clara McGregor’s ICONIQUE BEHAVIOUR showing up to a red carpet after getting bitten by a dog and looking RADIANT.

She’s OK TG. But the story is mad!

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And lastly we’re discussing everything from Joe Exotic and his love for green to why SATC’s reunion is starting to grind our gears. Yep, it’s a busy one!

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