Has DeuxMoi’s Identity Just Been Revealed?

Gossip Girl here...

Gossip Girl

Hey Upper East Siders, it looks like the identity of the modern-day Gossip Girl has been revealed, and no it’s not lonely boy… Curious to know more? Keep reading.

If you’re unfamiliar with DeuxMoi, here’s the lowdown. DeuxMoi is a gossip page on Instagram that posts blind items about celebrities. Blind items are anonymous tips sent into or written by gossip websites, where the identities of those involved are kept anonymous, although hints within sometimes spell out who is who and the odd time there are names. “Gossip Girl here”, has been replaced with the request “Anon please” as the tips come flooding in from just as mysterious sources with just as scathing content.


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Until now the person behind the page has remained anonymous, but news broke this week that may have changed that forever.

Internet culture reporter Brian Feldman did the investigative work so the readers didn’t have to and published his findings after tracing old posts Deuxmoi was tagged in, mentions of the page along with those who were mentioned alongside it and here’s what he found.


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Feldman says the page was allegedly originally started by two women, Meggie Kempner, granddaughter of NYC socialite Nan Kempner, and Melissa Lovallo. But now a source has told Just Jared, “Meggie is not part of deuxmoi, she has no involvement with the current gossip site account. The site is run by only one person.”

Feldman pointed out that both women’s personal social media pages have been made private since his report was published… But confirmation hasn’t come from Deuxmoi themselves.

Back in 2020 Hailey Bieber revealed that she had discovered who is behind Deuxmoi, but never revealed the names. But when Pop Crave posted the news of Brian Feldman’s work, Hailey liked the post…

If the secret is out, what happens next? DeuxMoi currently has a HBO Max series in the works as well as a novel coming out soon, and while a lot of the work it does relies on anonymity, we aren’t too sure what will come of their unmasking!

We will be keeping an eye on the page for any mention of the report, that’s all for now xoxo



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