Did Kylie Jenner Just Reveal The Sex Of Her Baby? Fans Certainly Think So

She let it slip online.

Fans of Kylie Jenner are desperate to learn more about the reality star’s supposed pregnancy, so much so that they’ve been stalking her social media channels in the hope she lets something slip… and it seems they’ve finally gotten what they’re looking for.

The 20-year-old took to Snapchat to ask her fans which phone cover she should use, holding up a baby pink one and a baby blue one. She captioned the snap, “Which one? I’m thinking blue…” followed by a blue heart emoji. Em, hinting much?! She also shared a pic of herself wearing a baggy blue shirt, which just added fuel to the fire TBH.

Fans quickly took screenshots and posted them to Twitter, saying, “Kylie Jenner is having a boy – confirmed,” and “Kylie straight up just told everyone she’s having a boy.”

Are you as convinced as everyone else, or nah?

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