Did You Know Blake Lively Was Almost Cast In Mean Girls?

Here's who she would have played

Mean Girls is one of those movies that no matter how many times you watch it, you’ll never ever get sick of it – it’s like they put crack in it or something?! (say crack again). And, now that’s landed on Netflix, we can have our plastics fix whenever we so please.

But, as it turns out, the Mean Girls that we all know and love today could have been very, very different. Blake Lively was set to play a major role in the film, but was bumped for someone else at the last minute.

As you can probably guess from her long blonde hair, Blake auditioned to play one of the plastics, and was ridiculously close to being cast as Karen – you know ‘I’m a mouse, duh’ Karen.

As we all know, the character of Karen is played by the wonderful Amanda Seyfried, and it’s rumoured that Amanda and Blake were neck and neck for the role of Karen right up until the last minute, when producers decided to go with Amanda.

However, it’s not all bad news for Blake, so you don’t have to go feeling too sorry for her. As, just after she was turned down for the role of Karen she was cast to play  Serena Van Der Woodsen in major TV series Gossip Girl, which went on to launch her career and blast her into the limelight – so you know, silver linings and all that.



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