Did You Know Britney Spears Was Almost Cast As The Lead For This Very Famous Movie?

Things could have been SO different

World superstar Britney Spears was extremely close to getting the female lead in The Notebook says casting director, Matthew Barry.

The film, which was created in the early 2000s saw many wannabe actors and actresses audition for different roles in the film, including Bradley Cooper, Amanda Seyfried, and well, Britney Spears.

While Britney was of course one of the world’s biggest pop stars at the time, the songstress was still keen to add another string to her bow and slap acting down on her CV.

However, the part wasn’t meant to be for the princess of pop, as Birtney lost out to Rachel McAdams for the part of Allie. But, director Matthew said that it wasn’t a straight win for Rachel, with Britney very nearly nabbing the role.

Matthew says that Britney had an amazing audition alongside Ryan Gosling, however, the then-unknown Rachel knocked Britney off the top spot as she ‘aced her audition’.

Footage showing Britney speaking about the movie and her hopes for landing a part in it have since been uncovered and being shared around on social media.

What’s more, Birtney’s audition tape for the film is now selling for $1 million on eBay says Cheatsheet with people very eager to get their hands on it.

Of course, although she lost out on the part, Britney didn’t do too badly for herself, as she went on to star in cult classic Crossroads not too long afterward, oh and lest we forget her cameos in Sabrina The Teenage Witch – iconic!