Here’s The Mad Way Rochelle Humes And Marvin Began Dating

*The woman was too shocked to speak*

When Rochelle and Marvin Humes made things offish, they soon became pop culture royalty! With Rochelle in The Saturdays and Marvin in JLS, we all collectively lost our tiny minds when we found out the news.

But how exactly did the pair start dating?

Well, it isn’t exactly the fairytale we pictured as Rochelle revealed Marvin stole her phone while she was in the bathroom to get her number!

While on Rylan Clark’s Ry-Union podcast, Rochelle explained how the pair’s romance began.

Rochelle had met Marvin at 16 but reconnected with him later in life. However, Rochelle wasn’t looking for anything romantic after she’d had a bad breakup. But Marvin had people in his corner pleading his case.

‘I was really anti meeting anyone and my vocal coach was like, ‘you are the same person. You’re literally male and female versions of each other. You have to.'”

So during a nightout, Marv made his move.

Rochelle spilt that she had gone to the bathroom when Marv decided to get her number, ” I left my Blackberry on the side, and he called himself from my phone. So unbeknown to me, he had my number. It’s really outrageous, really. And I was like, ‘you could probably get in trouble for doing that.”‘

“It was at 4am, and he was like ‘It’s Marv, I’ve got your number’, and then literally from that day we’ve been like inseparable humans.”

And since then, their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Rochelle and Marvin are now married and have three kids together – which is mad to think it all started with a stolen phone! But here we are, and if their family isn’t enough to keep them going, they both keep pretty busy with their presenting gigs on ITV too.

Ugh we love a power couple.

Words by Sláine McKenna




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