Did You Notice This Hilarious Editing Mistake In Emily In Paris Season 3?

Emily is caught between two love interests...and two Eiffel Towers?


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To say Emily In Paris is polarising…well that would be a big understatement.

You either love it or hate it, with its fans praising the shows as a lighthearted comedy with plenty of eye candy, and its detractors calling out how inaccurate the show’s portrayal of Paris is, with Emily still barely holding a conversation in French three seasons in.

But that isn’t the only big inaccuracy of the show, as fans noticed something funny about their portrayal of Paris in the third episode of this latest season.

Paris is notorious for it stunning landscape, with historic apartment blocks, and monuments filling the city’s streets, with the famous Eiffel Tower being the jewel of the city’s skyline. But Emily In Paris seemed to forget that the French capital only has one Eiffel Tower in its landscape…not two.

In a clip when Emily walks around her boss Madeline’s hotel room, she is, of course, drawn to the massive bay window featuring a stunning view of the city including the Eiffel Tower to her right, and then the Eiffel Tower to her left.

TikToker samehoodies pointed the hilarious editing blunder, which sees the iconic landmark appear at the right side of the window at the beginning, but as the camera pans around another one appears at the left.

@samehoodies She be like: yall who messed up we have deux ?? #fyp #emilyinparis #paris #france ♬ Mon Soleil (from “Emily in Paris” Soundtrack) – Ashley Park

The bizarre editing mistake actually seems to have united both the shows fans and detractors as both agree, it was pretty hilarious.

One wrote: “Emily In Paris tricked me into believing that the eiffel tower is visible from literally anywhere”

While another said: “Yeah! After season 2 the French government built a new tower as a thanks to Netflix”

And someone else commented: “Actually, the production team had the Eiffel Tower shipped from Las Vegas to Paris just for this shot!”

But some seem to think this actually wasn’t a mistake and Emily was actually looking into a mirror. As one fan explained: “It’s a mirror door.”

But this mirror theory doesn’t hold up well considering Emily’s reflection never appears in the supposed mirror, and mirrored doors typically aren’t place in windows.

But where do you stand? Team editing or team mirror?


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So will we ever get answers? Well…probably not! But don’t lose hope as we are getting a fourth season, so maybe the two for the price of one Eiffel Tower will be addressed then.

The show was renewed for a fourth season all the way back in 2021, and considering the success of the latest series, its safe to say the show is still on track to return to our screens.

But when? Well seasons two, and three, both premiered in December of their respective years, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more Emily in December 2024 as well.


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