Did You Spot It? Calum Best’s Reaction To Seeing His Mam On Celeb Big Brother Was Hilarious

'What the f**k?!'

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Celebrity Big Brother kicked off on Channel 5 last night, and there have already been a few big twists.

Before things had even fully begun, producers threw in the first clanger of the series, by adding a parent-and-son dynamic into the mix. Shortly after Calum Best entered the CBB house, another contestant followed: his mam, Angie Best.

As Angie walked into the house, Calum watched from another camera, and the moment the realisation dawned was the best thing we’ve seen on TV in ages.”Is that my m- Oh my god it’s my mother!” Calum could be heard saying as Angie greeted some of the other contestants. “Get the f**k outta here! What the f**k? Oh my God,” he continued.

To make matters all the more troublesome for party boy Calum, his former flame Bianca Gascoigne is also one of this year’s contestants. We sense there’ll be a few raised voices before long.

This series has been dubbed ‘All Stars and New Stars’, and the line-up includes former contestants Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Austin Armacost, Jazmine Waltz, Coleen Nolan and James Jordan alongside Calum, Angie, Bianca, and a host of others.

Catch Celebrity Big Brother weeknights from 9pm on Channel 5.