“Disrespectful”: Kim Kardashian Is Selling A Prayer Candle With Her Face On It And People Are RAGING

Oh, Kimmy.

Kim Kardashian is in trouble with fans for releasing a prayer candle with her face superimposed onto the Virgin Mary’s body.

She’s selling the “Kim Candle” on her Kimoji website for $18 a pop, and people are declaring it disrespectful and offensive.

At a glance, it looks like a classic Catholic candle that you’d pick up from a gift shop in Knock. But on closer inspection, the reality star’s perfectly contoured face is where Holy Mary’s face should be.

One fan tweeted, “I demand you take this down. As a catholic this is completely disrespectful. It’s as if my religion is a mockery. Lost all respect for you.”

Another said, “This is so disrespectful. She sure as hell isnt a damn virgin. Nor a saint. She doesn’t understand the religion or how important this is.”

These weren’t the only fans who were appalled by Kim K’s actions…

What do you think of Kim’s prayer candle? Has she really gone too far?

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