DIY Guide: How To Create A Boujee Instagram Picnic On A Budget

Dining al fresco isn't over yet, here's how to have one last outdoor hurrah in style.


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We are always looking for new ways to enjoy some socially distant time outside and picnics in the park or garden are definitely a good one. Food, nice weather, pals and a blanket, what more could you want? Well, maybe a little more if you’re feeling boujee.

We’ve gathered some inspiration from the likes of the gorgeous Grá picnics we’ve seen all over Insta, which are taking place down in Clare, to bring you some ways to dress up your park picnic to make it a glamorous event.


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Anything to make us feel good these days, sounds like a plan to us, so here are five ways you can pimp your next picnic.


The perfect way to make everything an occasion. Candles just ooze sophistication and class, whether you want a romantic vibe or just something fancy, candles at your picnic are a must. We know that the weather in Ireland isn’t ideal for candles to be kept aflame outdoors with ease, but for days when a naked flame is just not going to cut it, electric candles are great. They look like the real thing and give the same atmosphere, except they won’t be blowing out every five minutes when you’re trying to get a cute Instagram.

This gorge tea light holder is €5 on IKEA’s website and will not only look amazing scattered around your picnic set up but also in your home.

2. The Food

If you want to bring your picnic to the next level you need to focus on the food. Basic sandwiches just won’t do in the boujee picnic industry. Why not cook up a meal that you know you love, pack it into some containers along with all the bits and pieces to go along with it (condiments, cutlery, bread etc) and dish it out al fresco.

Let’s be real, the food is the most important part of a picnic so you want to enjoy it. You could even create a three course event out of it, bruschetta to start, your fave pasta bake for mains and pop to your local bakery for the dessert portion (supporting local and getting yummy dessert, win win!) Or create a cheese board complete with crackers and olives the aesthetic will be too nice not to post about.

3. Beverages

Whether you’re bringing a chilled bottle of prosecco, some wine to go with the cheese or just water, there are ways to make it feel special. If you have a cooler bring it, pick up some ice on the way and pop the bubbly into it, nothing worse than warm prosecco!

If you canfind some glass water bottles to bring, why not throw some fruit into it? These are not only environmentally friendly but very pretty to look at. If you can manage without breakage, bring real glasses with you, plastic ones just don’t hit the spot in the same way, simple but effective ways to make your drinks taste that little bit better.

4. Execution

You’re almost there with your boujee picnic experience. The final factor is the execution, bringing it all together to form one luxurious looking feast. The dishware you bring plays a big part in this, if you’re in your garden it’s easier to use real glass dishes, but if you can manage to bring out the good plates in the park it’ll make all the difference. Let’s not forget the blanket, if you don’t have the exact picnic blanket you’d like, use a bed sheet! Yes, you read it right, throw out the sheet and dot a few cute pillows around it, pop on your favourite tunes and along with the candles, food and the whole set up you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away for the evening.

5. Dress for it

If you’re putting all this effort into making your picnic blanket look gorge, you may as well feel fab yourself! If you can squeeze a last wear out of your summer dress now’s the perfect opportunity. Bring along some extra blankets or cardigans in case it gets chilly. Gather the guys and gals (socially distant and safely) and have a picnic to remember.

Words: Jade Carpenter