Doggy, Missionary Or Cowgirl: Which Burns The Most Calories?

Skip the gym, girlfriend. We found out which positions will give you a deadly workout.

Man and woman in bed

Lets face it; hitting the gym on the regular is hard. It takes real motivation to develop a consistent fitness habit, but what if you could torch cals without all the hard work and effort and work it between the sheets with your SO instead?

Reckon a sex sesh could never rival a workout down the gym? We enlisted the help of to find out just how many calories we can burn while getting down to it with our other halves.

The site calculates your calorie burn depending on your gender, body shape, position, style of sex and endurance. For our little experiment, we calculated calorie burn for a woman, with curves, who has fast and furious sex for over half an hour.

Sex Calculator

Here are the results…


According to one recent study, missionary is the best position for a woman to achieve an orgasm (We’re skeptical, FYI) but it doesn’t torch those extra cals unfortunately. Coming in in third position, half an hour of fast and furious missionary will burn off only 67.5 calories. Barely a digestive biscuit.

Doggy Style

The burn is better for gals who like to do it doggy. This position will work off 84.38 calories or the equivalent of three squares of chocolate. Not too bad for a position that makes him do most of the work. The bad news? Doggy style was recently found to be the most dangerous sex position for women and was the sex style most likely to cause vaginal tears. Ouch!


Coming out, er, on top, cowgirl is the best sexercise with 135 calories burned in a 30 minute session. We don’t know about you, but we reckon that beats the squat rack any day.


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