Doing Some Online Shopping? Well, You Can Now Buy A Candle That Smells Like Harry Styles

We all know someone who would LOVE this.


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You know, we’ve been alive for some time now, but all these years we’ve consistently felt as though something was missing. Luckily for us, today we realised just what it is that has been missing this whole time, filling the empty void in our souls. It’s a candle that smells exactly like Harry Styles. An essential human right, surely?

Unfortunately for us Irish gals, it’s not available at our local supermarkets, as the candle is actually made by the US chain brand, Target. The candle retails at $6.99, and apparently has a ‘Cashmere Vanilla’ aroma. But, how do people know that this is how Harry smells? I hear you cry.

Well, apparently the scent is similar to Tom Ford’s aftershave Tobacco Vanille, which Harry’s cologne of choice.

The candle has now sold out entirely, and we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before one appears on eBay for €10,000, and tbh we’d almost be willing to pay that.

@madelynnnnnnwi know everyone is buying the target harry candle but i needed the real thing and tbh it was worth it !!! ##harrystyles ##fineline ##onedirection

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Target also told TMZ that they’re currently working on a new scent which they promise will smell EVEN MORE like Harry (??), but given the current circumstances, there’s no timeframe on when the product will be available. We’re not sure about this one to be honest, if they’re not just matching his aftershave – how can it be possible to create an actual Harry Styles scent?

Anyway, while us Irish gals can’t get our hands on the sell-out burner, there are still ways for us to get a whiff of that sweet sweet Styles. Many fans have been purchasing the actual Tom Ford aftershave and judging by all their reactions on Tik Tok, it smells like literal heaven.

If you’re willing to invest in even further, and want a to add a boujie candle to your sitting room while you’re at it, Tom Ford does actually have it’s own Tobacco Vanille candle, which we’re assuming smells more like Harry Styles than Harry Styles smells like Harry Styles.


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