Doireann Garrihy Fuels Speculation Of A Romance Between Her And Comedian Mark Mehigan

New possible power couple alert!


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Rumours are rife of a romance between comedians Doireann Garrihy and Mark Mehigan.

Speculation began when the pair spent a weekend away together in Powerscourt Hotel at the beginning of December. Both shared the same picture of Doireann enjoying a glass of prosecco to their Instagram stories.

But it was when Doireann shared a snap of herself in a new dress while on the weekend break, that speculation really went into overdrive. In the comment section a few of her pals seemed to hint at a romance between the pair.

James Kavanagh commented: “Now that’s a dress to Mark the occasion,” while Joanne McNally wrote: “Love the dress but what’s the mark on your leg?”

And when Mark shared a snap of himself at the hotel, James commented: “Who took this pic?,” to which Mark replied: “@jamesalankavanagh I’m like a Doireann the headlights.”


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Most recently the pair were spotted together at one of Mark’s gigs.

The comedian shares a video from his most recent standup gig, with Doireann being the first one the camera lands on in the crowd.

He captioned his post: “That was a good one. Thank you. ❤️. The chanting at the end 😂.”

Cork native Mark is the host of the Sunday Roast podcast, and former writer for the BBC.


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Their rumoured romance comes after Doireann’s split from boyfriend of three years Paddy Wilson back in April.

Doireann revealed she was no longer in a relationship during an episode of her podcast The Laughs Of Your Life.

During an episode featuring the world famous singer Micheal Bublé, the presenter mentioned that she has just come out of a relationship and asked for some life advice from Mr Bublé as she enters her 30’s.

Bublé was happy to share some sweet words with Doireann, causing her to nearly “well up” after his answer.

“I’m 30 next month, I’m recently out of a relationship, what would your advice be to me hurtling into the thirties?”, she asked.


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In response, Micheal said, “I have a feeling that I don’t have to give you this advice because you strike me as a person that already instinctually understands, be in this moment.”

“Enjoy and be grateful for the health of your family, for your beautiful life, for the love that you’re bringing the whole world, because obviously so many people watch you and listen to you and you’re bringing so much joy and enjoy every second of it.”

“And by the way, those good things, those huge things that happen to you, just stay even. And the bad sh*t that happens to you, just stay even because time is on your side. It was always on your side and everything is going to. get better, even when you feel like it could never get better, it’s going to get better.”

Doireann admitted she had to try not to get emotional after the advice and swiftly moved on to the next question, not before thanking Michael for his insight.