Dominique Nugent Asks For Help After Losing Her Engagement Ring In Dublin

'I’m actually devastated...'

Influencer Dominique Nugent has shared that she lost her engagement ring this week.

Posting a picture of the ring on her story, she reached out to her followers to help her find it again. Sharing the exact location she lost it, she said:

“I lost my engagement ring tonight. I’m actually devastated!”

“I had it on leaving Penneys at the bottom level of @thesqtallaght and walked out to the bottom floor car park through the multi-story car park facing The Brass Fox”

“The staff have been so helpful but no one has came across it and we have been searching for the last few hours. It has a plastic sizer attachment on the back as it was too loose on me.”

Dominique finally added: “If anyone comes across it please message me. It has sentimental value to me.”

Unfortunately, Dominique’s ring still hasn’t been found but she did thank fans for their kindness in helping her search for it.

“Thanks to everyone who shared that story. We searched for 2 hours before leaving Penneys”

“Hopefully it turns up, I have a feeling it’s somewhere in the car park area”

“I’m just really sad that it’s not on my finger now. Obviously, it was really big which is why I had the plastic thing on the back, so I feel like people would notice it if they came across it.”

Dominique and her fiance Paddy got engaged this August. She shared the special proposal on her social media with her followers.

Proposing while on holiday together, she wrote: “Last night Paddy organised the most special birthday surprise of my life when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him”

“I’m actually still in shock!! The whole night felt like a dream and I didn’t want it to end. My heart has never felt so full of happiness and love.”