Drake & Josh Are Reuniting For A Reboot And Nickelodeon Fans Are Living For It

Everyone’s favourite memories of the early 200’s was surely the after school telly that was provided to us by Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

Whether it was Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven or iCarly – we were more than happy to be legging it home to see what was on the box.

Well now, one of our favourites is coming back! That’s right, Drake & Josh is getting a re-boot and it sounds like the best thing that’s happened so far in 2019!

“We’re working on something… I’m excited. I think we have a great idea.” Drake Bell told People Magazine.

“[The show] is going to be way more creative, way cooler than just you know the college years or something like that.

“We knew that if we were ever going to come back, it’s got to be something cool. I’m excited to see what the fans think.”

 “We’ve known each other for so long, and it really is once in a lifetime in this industry that you get to work with somebody and it clicks like that.”

“He’s just got an amazing comedic wit and incredible timing and he’s really smart and we really get along. So I think that it just kind of all goes together.”

Are you as excited as we are!?