Dream Dinner Party… With Dancing With The Stars’ Miriam Mullins

We caught up with the TikTokker to find all about DWTS – and to see what her dream dinner party is like!

Miriam Mullins is one of Ireland’s biggest TikTok stars – with over two million followers on the social media app.

But the Cork native isn’t just a video sensation; she’s also a radio presenter on Cork’s Red FM, and she recently joined the brand new cast of Dancing With The Stars!

We caught up with Miriam to chat about how she’s been getting on with the show so far, and to get to know her better by asking all about what her dream dinner party would look like.

Miriam’s in the middle of dance practice when we’re chatting; she’s hard at work with dance rehearsals but absolutely loving it.

“It’s brilliant, it’s so much fun. We try to put in as many hours as we can – it’s kind of like what you put into it, you get out of it.”

Miriam tells us she’s “never danced before” but that she hopes the hard work “pays off”. As for the first dance we got to see, the radio presenter is “delighted” with how it went.

“I just wanted to go out there and hope people at home liked it, that it put a smile on their face.”

As for what she’s most looking forward to, Miriam tells us that they’ve been assigned their film for the iconic ‘movie’ week.

She won’t give it away, but Miriam does tell us that what she can say is her hair will be pink!

As for how the trainee dancer is learning; Miriam has her incredible partner Montel to thank for her impressive progress.

“Montel is amazing. He loves latin dancing, he’s been doing it since he was in nappies! I’m more nervous that I mess up for him than I am for the judges!”

Does Miriam think they can make it to the final?

She tells us, “yes, of course. I think I’m going to stay positive because if I say no, then it’s not going to happen.

“I genuinely believe everything I’ve gotten is because I’ve manifested it. Thinking that I will, that’s the first step.”

Good luck Miriam!

You’re throwing your dream dinner party. If you could choose from anyone in the world, who would be your ideal five guests?

“Sandra Bullock, Chris Martin, Charli Damelio, Freddie Mercury & Walt Disney.”

Would you have a theme or a dress code?
“Yes, everyone can wear whatever they want once it’s dressy.”

What are you cooking? Is it a lavish affair or low-key nibbles?

“I’d give them the choice of each course.

“Starter; prawn cocktail or buffalo chicken wings. Main; chicken curry or chilli beef nachos, and for dessert I’d make banoffie pie & sticky toffee pudding.”

The dinner’s on – time to get ready! What are you wearing?

“Something comfortable like a nice jumpsuit or maxi dress. They always look good but are so comfy to wear!”

Everyone’s arriving: what music are you playing to set the mood?

“Gipsy Kings Bamboleo is the perfect song to play when you’re entertaining people.”

What’s the best thing a guest can bring to dinner?

“Their pets! Bring them all!”

Give us your top three topics you love to discuss at the dinner table!

“The best day of their lives, how they all became successful, and their favourite movies!”

What’s everyone drinking?

“Whatever they would like to drink.”

Is there dessert on offer?

“Yes, banoffee pie or sticky toffee pudding.”

Let’s talk entertainment – is there games? Is everyone dancing?

“Charli D’Amelio can teach us all a few TikTok dances.”

How does the night end?

“A singsong from Chris Martin and Freddie Mercury!”