Dream Dinner Party… With Irish Singer Cosha

“Part of the reason that I make music is to process things"

Photo by Bella Santucci

Cosha has truly made her mark on the music industry including songwriting for Charli XCX, soundtracking commercials for Dior, Apple & Victoria’s Secret and some of our favourite TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Conversations with Friends. 

That’s why we were super excited to hear her first release since Mt. Pleasant, ‘Fire Me Up’, released in February.  

Cosha is now gearing up to share her latest project to go alongside. Her new EP, Murmurs, is due out the 9th of May, and we can’t wait to listen! 

EP opener, ‘Fire Me Up’ embraces the complexities of love and the experience of loving someone that you have to let go.  

Cosha spoke candidly on her breakup that inspired the single: “We’ve all been through a breakup, or something like that at some stage, and everyone has their reasons for why that happened, but this one was tricky because we were still in love, and I still love this person. We had been together for a while, I think we were both avoiding things that we needed to address. We were hiding in each other and in the relationship and procrastinating on what we needed to do to grow as individuals.

“It got to a point where I really did feel like I wasn’t a whole person and my partner filled up these spaces in me that I needed to fill up myself.” 


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“When I was facing it, it was like two paths it was the path that I know – if we stay together, I know how it looks and how it’s going to be and then the other path which was leaving, and I had no idea what that was going to look like and it’s scary, but it just felt like the thing that needed to happen,” she continued.  

Cosha hopes that listeners can resonate to her upcoming EP, “Part of the reason that I make music is to process things myself, but also another side of it is to express how I’m feeling and put the situations into the best words that I can so that people who have gone through similar things can resonate.” 

“It’s a way of me throwing a boomerang out there and seeing who catches it, and finding my people in the world”, she added 

“I love that a lot when I play live because I put this music out, and it just goes out to the big black hole of music being released, and you never know what’s happening or if it’s resonating with people. Then I’ll play live or I’ll get messages and people will say ‘this really was how I was feeling and it’s really helped me.’

“It makes the world feel a lot nicer to me to know that there are so many things that we have a shared experience in.”  

You’re throwing your dream dinner party. If you could choose from anyone in the world, who would your ideal guests be? 

Björk, little flex, I have met her before, She’s really fun! Rihanna seems like she would be a good time. There’s this author called Ocean Voung, I read his book last year It’s called On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous and I feel like he would have some great things to say. 

Would you have a theme or a dress code? 

 I’m a girl who’s drawn to the beach, so, I feel like it would be a beach party. 

What are you cooking? Is it a lavish affair or low-key nibbles? 

It is lavish, we’re on the beach, we have to have some lobster! Healthy salads, potatoes, lobster and maybe some steak. 

Photo by Bella Santucci

Time to get ready! What are you wearing? 

Naked with lots of great jewellery and some sunglasses.  

Everyone’s arriving: what music are you playing to set the mood? 

Minnie Riperton. She’s the perfect amount of sexy classy and slick. 

What are you and your guests chatting about at the table? 

Sex, music, books, love. I am a lover so anything to do with love. 

Do you have a signature cocktail to serve? 

Caipirinha or a margarita. 

What about dessert? Sweet or a cheese board? 

I would go a little bit in the middle. I’m a fan of savoury ice cream so maybe basil or olive oil ice cream. 

What about entertainment? 

Dancing of some form, pole dancing or flamenco. 

How does the night wrap up? Is it a late one, or more chill? 

It’s a go into the sunrise type of thing. Roll over and go again. If we’re on the beach I want to be in the water and watch the sunrise. 

Words by Abby Sammon