Ed Sheeran Got A VERY Interesting Email From His Pal Taylor Swift Yesterday

He revealed all on BBC Radio One this morning.

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Happy Ed Sheeran day, y’all!

After a full year’s hiatus from music, publicity and social media, Ed returned to the airwaves today with brand new music in the form of TWO singles from his upcoming album, Divide (÷). He premiered the songs, a “love letter to Suffolk” called Castle On The Hill and a more dancefloor-ready track called Shape Of You, on BBC Radio One breakfast this morning, and the reaction has been massively positive so far.

Despite admitting that he was pretty lax about playing his unreleased new music to people at parties “usually when p***ed” there’s one person who hasn’t heard much of his new album yet: his long-time pal Taylor Swift. Likewise, Ed says he hasn’t heard ANY of Taylor’s rumoured new album, though he didn’t deny she’s making new music.

“No, I haven’t heard any of Taylor’s new stuff,” Ed told BBC host Scott Mills. “I spoke to her yesterday though.”

When pressed on what the two had chatted about, Ed revealed Taylor had been the one who’d made contact. “I just got all capital letters on the email saying ‘OMG SO EXCITED FOR WHAT YOU’VE GOT PLANNED TOMORROW.’ And then we called up like ‘What did you do for New Years?’ ‘I did this, I did that.'”

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A-listers, they’re just like us really. They send random one-line emails and have awkward catch-up chats. JUST LIKE US.

While Taylor may not have heard any of Ed’s new music before its release, the singer said he did play some of it for the Game Of Thrones cast, at an after-party back at his place one night. “I ended up going to a party with a load of the Game Of Thrones cast, and I’d never met some of them before and I was like, ‘Do you wanna hear some new music?'”

So there you have it. If you want to hear Ed’s music ahead of time, don’t email him. Just buy him a few drinks.


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