Ed Sheeran Is Finally Back On Instagram And His Newest Post Is VERY Revealing

It's been exactly one year since his last post. He's reliable like that, our Ed.

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Remember Ed Sheeran? Of course you do, but we bet you haven’t thought of him in a while. It’s funny how when someone disappears from the internet they basically disappear IRL too. Don’t think for a second, however, that Ed’s social media sabbatical was a also a sabbatical from work.

The singer returned to social media today with a very suggestive post indeed: one that has led fans to believe a new album could be on the way soon.

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Rather than sharing an “I’m back!” message, Ed instead updated his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profile pics to a single sky blue square, and shared the same image as a post on each platform too.

No words, no selfies, just a square.

So what does it all mean, and why are people so sure it’s a sign an album is coming? Let’s decode…

It’s a single colour.
Ed’s previous albums, + and x, were both branded with one single colour, orange for + in 2011, and green for x in 2014. So posting just one colour makes sense.

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He’s already told us a third album is en route.
In his final post before quitting social media the singer told fans a third album was “on the way” and called it the “best thing” he had made so far.

Please read x

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

He’s had plenty of time to put together new work – and has lots to write about, too.
It’s been a full year since Ed’s last appearance on social media, and a full year since he spoke about new music. In that time he’s found a new girlfriend (Cherry Seaborn), and the two seem inseparable last time we checked, so don’t expect any angry Don’t-esque diatribes on this album.


Fingers crossed the new album comes very soon, because that would make Christmas present shopping a WHOLE lot easier.


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